Why Advertisers Use Performance Marketing…

It takes the gamble out of their advertising! Performance marketing allows them to manage ad campaigns on a performance basis while giving them control over the quality of calls and leads that are delivered. With pay per call campaigns, we use unique trackable phone numbers. Publishers are paid on inbound phone calls that they deliver and in turn, are motivated to promote attractive advertising campaigns. As a result, advertiser are able to increase conversions, gain a broader distribution, and get more quality calls. The best part? The advertiser only pay for the calls that meet your requirements!  

Phone Calls Make Money

  • Including a phone number in an online ad increases online click through ratio up to 30%! 
  • Average phone order values are 1.5- 2x higher than online orders.
  • High-ticket products & services typically convert better over the phone.
  • 30-50% call-to-conversion rates (compared to 1-3% with clicks)

Pay Per Call Key Features

  • IVR/Quality Call Filtering Quality
  • Call Pricing
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Real time Analytics
  • Toll Free Tracking
  • Phone Numbers
  • Online Campaign Integration
  • Call recordings for montitoring of call handling.
  • Quality publishers (newspapers, TV ads, online search, mobile, call center transfers & more! )

Cost Per Lead Options

  • Real-Time We can supply your business with real-time data any time. Filtering is available!
  • Aged If you want aging date, we can provide it for you! Receive it to your API, as a CSV file or have it emailed over time.
  • Exclusive Need data that you and only you will receive? We can do that for you and make sure you aren’t sharing leads with any competitor!

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