Privacy Policy

I authorize American Classified Services, Inc. to correspond with me on the information that I provide. American Classified Services, Inc. does not and will never share any of our clients’ information with a third party.  

Money order purchases will be held for two weeks for the payment to arrive. If no payment arrives within that time, the original order will be deleted. Ads being paid via money order will be held until payment arrives as all orders are pre-paid.  

ACH/E-check purchases may be held until ACS, Inc. is able to verify that the payment has cleared the customer’s bank account. This may delay the order at least a week. Orders being paid with a check may be held for two weeks until the check clears. We will notify you if this is the case. There is a $25 fee on all returned checks or ACH bank drafts that do not clear. Any past due accounts turned over for collections will be responsible to pay collection fees on top of the balance due to the account. All known contact information for past due customers will be forwarded to the collection agency contracted for the service.  

I understand that American Classified Services, Inc. does not guarantee responses on any ad. American Classified Services, Inc. is an ad placement agency. It is the responsibility of individual advertisers to have understanding of and abide by any local/federal laws that may pertain to your industry. If an ad does not abide by local laws or guidelines the publications in that area have the authority to withold publication of the ad. Refunds are not given in this instance. If in doubt of what may pertain to your business, please contact the Federal Trade Commission at I understand that any reader complaints that are received on your advertisement are required to have immediate attention by the part of the advertiser. American Classified Services, Inc. reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. If an ad begins to receive an abundance of complaints, the ad will be rejected.  

I agree to hold American Classified Services, Inc. harmless from any claims, damages or expenses, including any attorney fees, arising out of my actions or conduct in violation of this Agreement.  

I authorize American Classified Services, Inc. to use any email correspondence as a testimonial on and I understand that they will not disclose customers full names for privacy purposes.  

In the event a dispute shall arise between the buyer and American Classified Services, Inc. as to our respective rights, duties and obligations under this Agreement, and the policy and procedures of American Classified Services, Inc., it is agreed that such disputes shall be exclusively resolved pursuant to binding arbitration under the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association with arbitration to be held in Jackson County, Illinois. Illinois law will apply to the resolution of the dispute, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The arbitration panel shall consist of one arbitrator. In addition to declaratory relief, the arbitration panel may award preliminary and permanent injunctive relief and compensatory damages and shall award reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs to the prevailing party. The arbitration award may be enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction. This provision shall not restrict American Classified Services, Inc. from seeking preliminary or permanent injunctive relief in any court of competent jurisdiction.  

Terms & Agreements may change over a period of time. American Classified Services, Inc. does not notify customers of these changes however, they are posted on the website for all customers to view at any time. We thank you for your patronage.